Research & Publications

Technical Research

Goldsmiths’ Fair Consumer Trends 2020/1
Research into jewellery and craft market including impact of lockdowns.
Author: Karin Paynter

The Goldsmiths’ Company Technical Journal, Issues 1-13, 2005-2011
Publ. The Goldsmiths’ Company. Edited by Karin Paynter, Technical Editor: Dr Chris Corti, ISSN 2045- 5313. The Goldsmiths’ Company’s annual technical magazine for the jewellery, silversmithing and allied trades. Editor, illustrator and photographer.

The Jeweller’s Toolkit: a Guide for Manufacturing Publ., 2011
Co-wrote successful tender for benchpeg from Camden Council which resulted in writing The Jewellers’ Toolkit, a manual to provide both newcomers and established designers within the jewellery and silversmithing industry an easy to use guide for how to approach outsourcing their business’ manufacturing requirements.

New Technology Trends & Innovation for the Silversmithing Industry
Publ. Benchpeg Almanack 2010. Article: new technologies and their application for the jewellery sector

A Review of the Care of Contemporary Silver Finishes Publ. The Goldsmiths’ Company 2008
Authors: Eleni Bide, Karin Paynter, ISSN: 0140 0541. A practical manual on caring for contemporary finishes for trade and public.

Palladium: An introduction (conversion from US to UK English)
Publ. Johnson Matthey in collaboration with the Goldsmiths’ Company, 2008. Edited by Karin Paynter, Rebecca van Rooijen

An Investigation into the Practical Application of New Sterling Silver Alloys
Publ. Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, 2008. Authors: Mark Grimwade, Karin Paynter, ISSN 0140 0541. A practical review of two of the tarnish resistant alloys commercially available in the UK at the time of writing, with the aim of gaining a better understanding of their application characteristics in a workshop environment.

Rapid Prototyping: The Current ‘State of the Art’ and Future Developments,  2008
Publ. The Goldsmiths’ Company. Author: Frank Cooper, Technical Manager, JIIC. Edited: Karin Paynter. ISSN1745- 2861

An Introduction to Computer Aided Design (CAD) for the Jewellery and Silversmithing Industry
Publ. The Goldsmiths’ Company 2005.
Author: John Robertson. Edited: Karin Paynter.

Continuous Casting of Jewellery Alloys
Publ. The Goldsmiths’ Company, April 2005. Author: Dr Christopher Corti, B.Sc, Ph.D, C.Eng, C.Sci, FIMMM, FCGI. Edited: Karin Paynter.
ISSN 1745-2961.

Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) Welding for Silversmiths
Publ. The Goldsmiths’ Company, April 2005. Author: Hector Miller & The Welding Institute. Edited and illustrated: Karin Paynter.
ISSN 1745- 2961

The White Gold Task Force Paper
Publ. The Goldsmiths’ Company, 2005. Author: Dr Chris Corti. Edited and illustrated: Karin Paynter.

Laser Spot Welding: Technical guidelines and innovative applications for the jewellery industry
Publ. The Goldsmiths’ Company in collaboration with University of Central England, 2004.
Authors: Dr Ann Marie Carey, Karin Paynter. ISSN: 0140 0541

Rapid-Prototyping Applications for the Jewellery & Silversmithing Industries
Publ. The Goldsmiths’ Company, April 2004 . Author: Frank Cooper. Edited: Karin Paynter.
ISSN: 0140 0541

Effect of Haptic Feedback and Stereo Graphics in a 3D Target Acquisition Task
Publ. University of Edinburgh, 2002. Authors: Steven A. Wall, Karin Paynter, Ann Marie Shillito, Mark Wright, Silvia Scali, 2002

Identifying Multi-Sensory Perceptions in Creative 3D Practice for Development of a Haptic Computing System for Applied Artists
Publ. The Journal of Digital Creativity 2001. Authors: Ann Marie Shillito, Karin Paynter, Steven Wall, Mark Wright


Silver in the Fast Lane: 40 Years of Fox Silver
Hardback Book to accompany Goldsmiths’ Company exhibition in 2024
Publ. Fox Silver Ltd
Introduction by Eric Turner, with contributions by Dr Dora Thornton
Art Direction and Editing: Karin Paynter

Serpentine Annual Report 2019-24
Working with CFO, Head of Communications and Finance team to clearly convey Serpentine activities and expenditure across exhibitions, architecture (Pavilion), live programmes and education and civic and digital.

New Technology Trends & Innovation for the Silversmithing Industry
Publ. Benchpeg Almanack 2010. Article outlining new technologies and their application within the jewellery sector for International Jewellery London.

The Goldsmiths’ Review
The Goldsmiths’ Review is a special publication produced annually by the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, with insightful stories and inspiring people featured and maps out the year ahead.

Perspectives in Silver
Goldsmiths’ Review

Profile of Mary Ann Simmons, 2017

Making Stories
Goldsmiths’ Review

Profile of Alex Monroe, 2015

Model Silversmiths
Goldsmiths’ Review

Profile of Padgham & Putland, 2012

From Design to Delivery
Goldsmiths’ Review
Profile of Peter Crump, 2006

Patrick Fuller
Goldsmiths’ Review

Profile, 2005

Deakin & Francis
Goldsmiths’ Review
Profile, 2004

Richard Cook – Flatware
Goldsmiths’ Review
Profile, 2003


BAFTA, Piccadilly
February 2016

Crafts Council Conference, 2012
Advanced Manufacturing panel

Blue Skies and Singing Rings
Royal College of Art, Science Museum, 2004

Career Profile
Crafts’ Council Hothouse Mentoring Scheme, 2013

Career Profile
Kent Institute of Art and Design, 2012

Haptic technology and its implications for jewellery design
Royal College of Art, 2002

Film Production

The Goldsmiths’ Craftsmanship and Design Awards Promotional film
Featuring HRH Princess Michael of Kent, 2013

The Theory & Practice of Hand Forging with Richard Cook
Goldsmiths’ Company Masterclass

An Introduction to Diamond Setting with David Basford
Goldsmiths’ Company Masterclass

An Introduction to Rapid Prototyping: from CAD to Casting
Goldsmiths’ Company Masterclass

The Theory & Practice of Hand Raising with Christopher Lawrence
Goldsmiths’ Company Masterclass

An Introduction to Flat Hammering with Christopher Lawrence
Goldsmiths’ Company Masterclass

A Practical Guilde to Hallmarking
Goldsmiths’ Company Masterclass

Polishing and Finishing Silverware with Elliot & Fitzpatrick
Goldsmiths’ Company Masterclass